welcome movie

Intro by Prezi
one way Internet >> start PPT slides social media until Jawed Karim at the zoo
Continue Intro until Web2.0

show witin temptation website - something to learn from a dutch rockgroup

finish PPT slides on social media
start PPT twitter for business

class exercise twitter
join wikispaces if not yet done
sign up for www.prezi.com
how to work in prezi http://youtu.be/_XtjBxGzFkc

embed prezi to wikipages
pitch to class 7minutes at max

present team project on myTable

Social Media marketing (A) and Crowdsourcing (B)

back to Web1.0
excercise in technical internet marketing
Its a Google world
The Internet of things
Pay per Click

Tribes > movie

Web3.0 or what comes next

Augmented Reality
Sensory Internet link to EDUCOM prezi

Project pitch to class