Select one of the products or services you "touched" during your vacations (can be a brand of shoes you purchased; can be a city you visited; can be a transportation you used or a restaurant where you had your dinner – only condition MUST have a website!

Send me a mail with following:

• What is your selected product?
• What is its website?
• What is the page you want to promote through an advert (can be the homepage or a sub page)?
• What kind of PPC you want to do and why (if Bing, why bing, if facebook, why FB)?
• Which locality you want to target and why?
• Summarize and send me the link where you find information about rules to setup a PPC click promotion
• Create an advert in details which did not exist before
• Define keywords and keywords combinations you want to compete (roughly 10)
• Research in your local search what competitors may already exist on the first 3 keywords from your list. Check if there are already adverts running in SE (facebook you may not be able to check)
• Setup a advert with title and text (if facebook with image) in all details and ensure you keep the rules for such an ad depending on the product you choose