Analysis of Competition:
Our main competitors are Urbanspoon, iTaste and OpenTable.
They are clearly ahead of MyTable in terms of social media exposure and relevant use of a Facebook Page. Yet, it is important to balance this statement by acknowledging that these companies operates at an international level, while MyTable only does so in Switzerland (reservations are only possible there).

iTaste and Urbanspoon also resort to a Facebook application to leverage their strong Facebook fan-base.

Overall, these 3 companies have reached the next level in their respective community management strategy.

1) Our Analysis:

First of all we decided to think about the main reasons that encourage somebody to like a facebook page. We did a little brainstorming to collect the opinion of each one of us. The results of the brainstorming are:
-To see the content of a page ( lots of facebook page are invisible if you don't like it)
-The second reason why somebody like a facebook page is linked with his or her passions. Somebody will look for the facebook page of an artist or a place he or she liked. We may look for information or updates.
-Another reason to like a facebook page is when this page is recommended by a friend.
-We can also imagine liking a facebook page if we get something in return for example a discount in a restaurant.
-There is also sometimes a kind of network between some pages. In the case of my table it recommends the facebook page of some restaurants so there is a kind of partnership. We can suppose that sometimes we are encouraged to like a facebook page because it is recommended in another page we already like.

Then we adapt these reasons to the case of mytable and we could make a little selection. Basically we can suppose that nobody would have a passion for mytable and the content is visible no matter if you like the facebook page or not ( this last aspect may be changed). On the other hand we considered possible to develop the aspects of partnerships between mytable and the restaurants. Moreover we supposed that it would be interesting to develop the encouragement to like the mytable facebook page by getting something in return. Finally we thought that developing the partnerships between the facebook pages of the different restaurants recommended by mytable and my table.

Based on our analysis: we decided to set up clear and reachable objectives in order to achieve a massive increase in Facebook likes. We decided to focus our plan on a social media campaign with no off site and on site optimizations (Search Engine optimization or backlink optimizations).

2) Emergency measures:

These objectives first lead to the identification of a few emergency measures:
- We noted that no Facebook Like button was available either on the website or in the Android and Iphone's apps. Measure: implement a Like button on this two platforms.
- We also noted that we could access the page content without liking the page (no coercive effect). Measure: oblige the user to like the page in order to access its content.

3) Promotion and Fidelization:

Start posting in English to enlarge the audience. Our view is that in Switzerland, there is a lot of transit and tourism, hence English should be used by Mytable in their posts to reach those customers.

In term of medium term strategy, we can increase the number of fans with a Promotion & Fidelization approach:

First, MyTable should build on the Fanbase they already have on the page. The 200-250 likers should be encouraged to participate in a contest based on a "Share & Win". By publishing a link to MyTable page on their profile and ask their friends to like the page, they could win dinners for two in partner restaurants. We estimate that a two weeks contest would enable fans to reach their friends and have them to like the page. The 20 fans bringing the more "likes" to the page would be rewarded with the dinner for two persons. The voucher per dinner could be 100€, implying an expense of 2000€ per contest.

Based on the success of the first "share & get a dinner for two" contest, My Table could organize other contests.

In parallel, MyTable has to fidelize users.The key is to offer fans deals that other MyTable users do not get:

We think the best way to accomplish this is have weekly featured restaurants for which fans would have a comparative advantage. Each week, MyTable would feature a restaurant in a Major Swiss City on their page and give a key word in the description. For all the reservations made on MyTable, if clients give the key word when they arrive at the restaurant, they would receive a free bottle of wine or dessert. The more the fanbase grows, the more restaurant will want to be featured as "restaurant of the week" and the more they will also be encouraged to post content on the page, thus improving the interactivity within the fanbase. On the other hand, featured restaurants would asked to promote MyTable on their own Facebook Page.

Why implementing this strategy?
It's an easy way to use Facebook and it's not expensive. Plus it allows to involve users and create interactive content.
We estimated that with this program, we only use 2000€ of our overall budget. Which allows MyTable to invest in Facebook Ads: 2160€/ 0.30€ a click = 7200 clicks on a 2 month basis.
The selected target being:
Country = Switzerland (as a whole)
Men & Women
20 - 40 years old
It allows MyTable to reach out to 1.500.000 people

As a clarification: 2000 + 2160 = 4160 € = 5000 CHF