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Global Marketing and Strategy – MyTable

  • Objective
Our objective is to increase the fan community on Facebook of the website MyTable.

When we began to work on the project, MyTable Page had 250 ‘likes’.

We first analyzed the Facebook page of MyTable to identify what could be improved.
  • Some examples of competitors
Book a
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It is a website to book restaurants, based in Denmark. The website is available in 9 languages and present across 19 countries
There is one Facebook page for each country
They also have a Twitter account!/bookatable with 1,432 followers.
Top Table is the leading online restaurant booking in the UK, also present in 15 countries. It is based in San Fransisco, California
The Facebook page has 8,879 likes
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The fan page is up-to-date; they are posting news very regularly, asking questions to fans…
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Their Twitter account has1,399 followers!/toptable

La Fourchette -
La Fourchette is based in Paris and offers restaurant bookings in France and Spain
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The Facebook page has 3,692 likes, there is one page for each city in France (it is a French website)

On the homepage, they promote their app and the regional facebook pages.

On the local pages, they promote offers of the moment (example: -50% on a meal in a certain restaurant in Paris, etc.). These pages have fewer likes than the one for the whole of France.
  • Facebook fanpage analysis
- The page has 250 likes, and 11 people are “talking about this”
- They are on Facebook since September 8, 2010, and changed twice their profile picture twice
-On Alexa, we defined that the profile of the customer visiting the website MyTable are mostly men, from 18 to 34 years old and they consult the website at work mainly
- The name “my table restaurants reservations”is not very clear; it does not say if it is about MyTable itself or only about the reservations
- The page cannot be found easily on Facebook (you don’t find it at first when you type “MyTable”). There is another My Table in Italy which has more fans and appears first when you type "My (space) Table". It also appears first in the Facebook list. "MyTable" (typed without a space) does not appear when one googles or facebooks it.
- The page is mostly written in German, there are just some advertisements in French (with mistakes) or Italian
- There are some links posted by the company, from the website, and only two videos regular shares/posts from the company: therefore there is no real added value
- There is a section dedicated to the reservation that looks quite good and practical, but it doesn’t work
external image placeholder?w=378&h=270
- There is only one photo album (updated last year with 5 pictures on Swiss cuisine)
- There are few interventions and comments from fans
- There is no description of the purpose of the organization on the fan page
- There was an increase in the “likes” in mars 2011, maybe because they put an article in English, concerning restaurants in European countries
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- There are several shares on restaurants that are already presented on the website (like 243 restaurants), making the facebookpage only into a “window” of what the website does.
external image placeholder?w=224&h=270
- MyTable tried to interact with the fans, for example when the weather was bad in Zürich they suggested it is an opportunity to go to a good restaurant, and that they can book on MyTable. Some people commented on the post, this is what the company should do more regularly on Facebook.

ð The purpose of the fanpage is not clearly defined: is it a « vitrine », a window for the company or a real tool (for online reservation)? In both cases, the fan page is incomplete. Liking the page should be a real advantage for the fan. That is why our strategy is oriented towards a facebook page that is a relay, ie that helps a better link between the customer and the company and provides additional information or advantages.
ð The aim of the website is not only to offer a booking online service but also to enable customers to write comments on the restaurants, to rate them and to share pictures of their experiences and meals.

  • How to increase the fan number on Facebook?
Why should people reserve on Facebook more than on the website? There should be an advantage for them.
à by making the page more visible to attract new fans
- The page should be in English instead of German, or there should be a page for each country, in the local language
- Improve search engine optimization for the website, since by getting to know the website, new people may be willing to like the Facebook page. Meta keywords are not used appropriately. People not knowing the website and that want to book a restaurant online are unlikely to find this website. Adding meta keywords such as “booking restaurant” “restaurant booking Zurich” “restaurant Zurich” would make the research from new fans more efficient.
- in the same idea, creating a Wikipedia page would allow to enlarge the visibility of the website and of the Facebook page. Creating a link from the Wikipedia page to the Facebook Page should increase the fan community.

à by mobilizing actual fans
à My Table should develop its interaction with the fans, and mobilize the actual fans. Besides, it should create posts at strategic times of the day, when most of the targets are online.
- According to surveys, 1 out of 2 fans on Facebook is ready to write comments on the fanpage àuse this opportunity
- Encourage the actual fans to invite their friends:
- By organizing promotional competitions: ex: The one who will invite the most people will win a free dinner at a restaurant
- « Sponsorship » : if you invite 10 friends you will be given a 50% reduction/ invite your friends because the 100 next people who will like the page will get a 50% discount on the new restaurant X, it could be your friend!
- MyTable should try to attire their interest. For instance, like on TopTable, asking questions and doing polls – to make people talk and react.
à This will enable to generate traffic on the page (friends from users), to raise curiosity (as the post will appear in the newsfeed) and increase the number of fans.

external image placeholder?w=395&h=224
- Do online games, “good deals” that they can only have if they are on this page, to push actual fans to go on the webpage and check
- Find ambassadors, like famous cooks
- Frequently repeat that people should become fan on Facebook (on the website for example)
- Stay active on the page, show that the company is present, post updated news
- Share not only restaurants descriptions but also gastronomic blogs from each European country, ideas of meals, so that there is an advantage of being on this page

à One example of measures that the company could do on the page:
Share your reservation with your friends:
Everytime a customer has made a reservation (or just considering whether or not to make the reservation) on the website MyTable (or on the facebook fan page), s/he can click a button to send an notice/invitation to the person involved in this dinner plan, saying for example:
“ Hey! I’ve found this nice restaurant on MyTable for our weekend ! What do you think?”
external image placeholder?w=302&h=93
external image placeholder?w=300&h=158

Special dates of your choices” with “Invitation card”
A list of most highly reviewed restaurants to order for special dates like birthday, St. Valentine’s day, your first date, your 10-year anniversary, etc. The list should be located right on the first column of Fan page.
Choose a restaurant. Pick your favorite table. Then messagebox pop up with the following text: “’Like’ the fan page to get the chance of winning a discount/free meal on the very day!”)
Send your friends a MyTable Invitation Card. It’s like posting their favorite restaurant on your friend’s wall. And every time you send the invitation, you get a star.
Count to a certain amount of stars, you will get a discount card or special gift in real life!
*Every time you send this kind of e-Invitation, the navigator should be set to automatically direct you to a sign-in page on

- Other exterior measures to increase the number of fans on the Facebook page :
- Adding the link to the Facebook page at the end of the video adds of MyTable and putting these videos on Youtube.
- Developping the twitter page and putting a link to the facebook page. MyTable has a twitter page but never tweets.
- write on restaurant websites good comments and refer to the Facebook page, putting the link at the end of the comment
- Create a QR code linked to the Facebook Page. We could put the code in hotel sor restaurants for instance, to enable tourists to visit the page.
- Create partnership with other fan pages, like (become fan and share other fan page and make them share you etc.

with a budget of 5000CHF

- Advertising on Facebook (right side images and ads): we choose to use the paper click payment model (CPL), which means that we pay only if people click on our ads. We will start for one year with:

- 2000 CHF per year bet.

- 5CHF per day bet

- 500 clicks per day bet

These kinds of ads are not always really useful but there is not that much to lose, since the payment model we chose is made in order to make us pay only when people click on our advertisement.

- We would pay a freelance social community manager who would look for blogs and social medias and responds on behalf of MyTable during 6months.

2000CHF /6= 333CHF per month.

It means at least 4000 CHF but we also have a budget of 500 CHF for the facebook contests with a free restaurant included.