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How to improve the facebook fanpage :

Executive summary :

MyTable provides a reservation platform for booking restaurants in 6 countries. Today, the company is facing some difficullties in improving its visibility on facebook, with only around 250 fans. Our work aims to provide recommandations to increase the number of fans.
We set up a strategy articulated around 2 dimensions : attract new members and keep them active.
To attract new members, we suggest to improve the vsibility of the facebook page on website, to organize contest and take advantage of the facebook network by asking our partners to add the link of MyTable fanpage on they Facebook page.
Secondly, it's important to animate the fanpage to retain members. It can be done through the adding content like the possibility to read blog, rate restaurants and so forth ...

Benchmarking :
MyTable fanpage : 260 fans
Open table : 36622 fans
Table online : 1270 fans

What competitors do :

Newsletter :

What they already do :
- demo version of the reservation service
- share and like links to increase their activity and visibility
- everytime they get a new partner, they share the link on their page with a direct reservation link

Ideas brainstorming:
- Special offer for customers who like the fanpage (like the QR Code campaign on the plates). too expensive to affoart systematicly a 5% discount, and too difficult to implement with all the partners restaurants
- Newsletters released on facebook (recepies, vouchers, ...). newsletters are not best designed for facebook, idea not kep
- Put lots of content (events, special fiscounts, recepies, ratings) on facebook to interest fans continuously. good idea
- Advertisement and sponsoring of events. too expensive and not relevent to increase the number of fans
- Hire a community manager to animate the fanpage regularly. too expensive and not relevant for now, and above all our team is doing pretty good work
- Be able to login to mytable via facebook account. good idea
- Propose lastminute offers for available table on the fanpage. interesting idea, like it is done in the airline industry, but it is not designed for our busines model
- Make people share the fanpage content, and on who receives the most "likes" form his friends has a special offer. we have other contest to develop, so we forget this idea
- MyTable should like lots of fanpages in order to be seen on these fanpages. they already do that, it should be increased
- Organize a competition: 1 month long contest, to bring the most facebookusers like the page. Who brings the most new fans wins a gift. good idea
- MyTable should propose to share (or not) the booking on the user's facebook profile. Then he can invite his friends in taging them in the comment of the link. it does not increase the fans on the fanpage
- Make a video on the process of booking a restaurant and link it the facebook fanpage. it is easy, everyone knows, we do not need
- Advertise on facebook (but expensive). too expensive and not efficient enough
- Do On page and Off page optimization. impossible to have access to the meta tags of facebook, so we cannot improve onpage optimization for our fanpage
- Optimize the visibility of the fanpage link on (for example atop, next to the login area). good idea
- Contact active partners on Facebook (profilesandpages) so they can invite their friends and fans to follow us. (Ask our partner restaurant to share our link on their own facebook page). all webpages of our partners restaurant put a link of their own fanpage, so we cannot ask them to put a second link with mytable

Ideas kept :

How to attract people

- Organize contests : 3/4 contests for big events ( Christmas, Summer, ) to win invitations to greats restaurants, discounts
- 1st contest : sponsoring contest : fans have to invite friends to like the page. The member who brings the most people will win an invitation in a restaurant. All the members that he brought will win 20% of discount in the restaurant of their choice. To play it's easy. Share the fanpage link or speak about the page to your friend, once they come to like the page they enter your name in the blank box.


- Use facebook network : shared links and like restaurants parners to increase visibility

- enhance and hilight the facebook link on the website
- offer the possibility to log in and book via your facebook login
- add the "like" link on the reservation page and suggest to like the page to get the best plans

How to keep members active :

- share articles or blogs relating to restaurants an gastronomy trends
- offer discount and other advantages to fan members
- gastronomie poll
- rank and rate your favorite restaurant

We have a budget of 5 000 CHF to launch our campaign.
We think we could use it as follows:
- 2 different contests (1500 CHF for the sponsorship contest, we reward our followers for giving us more visibility according to the level of their sponsoring) (1500CHF for the best post on facebook about our Facebook Page)
- Promotional code (2000CHF for promo code given every two weeks during one year: discount on meals; free meals; etc.).