Initial Ideas

  • Picture contest: contest of the most original pictures of a dish from a partner restaurant. Then, to win the prize, contestants have to get the highest number of likes. But to be able to like the pictures, people have to like the Facebook page;
  • Booking system on Facebook: Facebook fans will be able to book reservations on the Facebook page and be elligible for special deals. These will be promoted from time to time and compose of dinner discounts and/or special gifts;
  • Advertisement on condoms: advertisement of MyTable’s facebook fanpage and website on condoms that will be distributed in clubs;
  • Top 3 likes event: One time event where MyTable’s Facebook fans will try to gather their friends to like the page during a certain amount of time and the top 3 will receive meal vouchers.
  • Get into media, news, some sort of scandal: develop some kind of outrageous and visible publicity stunt to get people and the media talking about MyTable;
  • Points system: Incentive-based system where people who register in the website and like the Facebook fanpage will be elligible to gain points. Each time people make a reservation through MyTable they gain a certain amount of points that can be exchanged for meal vouchers (much like OpenTable);
  • Pick up service for dinner with Nascar: anybody that has made a reservation through MyTable is elligible to have a Nascar come pick him / her and the accompanying group up at the end of their meal;
  • Scavenger hunt: A two week competition during which people have to find something special (a bottle, a glass…) displayed on the MyTable website. They have to communicate the exact place with an url to indicate where the picture is. People can only compete if they’re fans of the Facebook page. Every time someone finds the object there will be a notification that appears for example “Florent played and won a dinner in a restaurant throughout Europe!” In addition to get more likes on Facebook, the action will lead people to go through all the website sections in order to find the object so that they will be more aware of My Table services.

- OpenTable, which is a similar in terms of business to MyTable. Their company facebook page has more fans (over 1,000) than My Table one, but this not so much recent activity on it. They try to interact with their fans without great results. For instance, here is one typical post that didn’t get any answers.


Even worse, one example of a fan who asked for something, and Opentable didn’t answer.

As a result, we don’t think it’s a good example to follow for Mytable!

- La Fourchette, this famous website in France has in fact several facebook fan pages: one for the whole company ( with 3,700 fans and one for each regional branch (Lyon, Marseille, Paris…). This seems to be a good strategy because this meets the needs of the customers. For example, if I am a Parisian I will like the “La Fourchette Paris” fan page so that I will receive only the notifications I am interested in. This way more likes are likely to be raised. However, that doesn’t fit very well our business since we’re not offering discounts and our customer target is mainly composed of businessmen and travelers who are not staying in a particular region for a long period of time (except for Switzerland).
- TableOnline, is very active on its fan page and has more than 1,250 fans. 2 main ideas are interesting for us to implement. The first one is a contest for Valentine’s Day, where the fan is supposed to answer to a question and could win a voucher of 60€. This is pretty common but can increase the number of fans since the winner is the one who gets the highest number of votes. The second one is back linking other fan pages related to ones business. For example, TableOnline promotes chocolateers. We guess these chocolateers are also back linking TableOnline page. Consequently, both businesses are sharing their networks to increase their respective awareness. It multiplies the chance that people visit your fan page and like it. Therefore we plan to transfer this efficient strategy for Mytable. Here are two examples of this back linking strategy:

Our reasoning as a group

Some of these ideas resulting from our thoughts and findings about competitors have been identified as irrelevant and inconsistent. In fact, some suggestions were discarded due to high production / implementation costs (Nascar pick up) and would imply some deep changes in the MyTable’s business model (point system). Furthermore, we felt that some ideas could result in the diminishing of the MyTable’s brand and image (advertisement on condoms).
Our strategy is to start with free or cheap marketing actions, we will assess the results in one year. If this turns out to be ineffective, we’ll move on to more aggressive and costly strategies.

Final recommendations to be implemented

  1. One-off eventwith the duration of one month to invite as many friends as possible to like the Mytable Facebook fan page, where will be the top three people who have raised the highest number of likes
    1. There will be weekly updates regarding the top ten people to have invited friends to like the facebook page so that it s interactive and it motivating for people to continue to invite friends;
    2. The final prizes will be the following: the first gets a 150 € meal voucher, the second one gets a 100€ and the third one an 80€ voucher;

  1. Picture contestwhere fans will be asked to upload photos of dishes that they had in one of the Mytable restaurant partners, the one with the most likes will receive a prize. In order to like the photos one must be a fan of the Facebook page like the photo.
    1. This will be a recurring even, occurring every two months;
    2. The contest prize will be a free dinner for two in a restaurant partner of their choice;
    3. The winning photo will be added in the description of the restaurant in the Mytable website (with the agreement of the owner)

  1. Scavenger hunt: A two week competition during which people have to find something special (a bottle of wine, a glass, a picture of a chef…) displayed on the MyTable website.
    1. Once a year
    2. Gamers have to communicate the exact place with an url on the facebook page to indicate where the picture is located on the company’s website.
    3. The first person who finds the object wins and then a notification (with the Mytable logo and a link to the fan page) pops up on his/her own page: “I played on Mytable and won a dinner in a restaurant throughout Europe! Why don’t you try?”. This will promote quickly our game to Florent’s friends, who will be likely willing to play and to like the page.
    4. The reward is a free dinner (for 1 person) in the restaurant of their choice (maximum a €€ restaurant to respect budget constraints).
    5. People can only compete if they’re fans of the Facebook page.
    6. In addition to get more likes on Facebook, the action will lead people to go through all the website sections in order to find the object so that they will be more aware of My Table services.


  1. MyTable Facebook fans will have access to special seasonal promotionsand discounts, which will only be available on Facebook and when the booking is done through it.
    1. Promotions available to a specific restaurant during a set period of time, which will be done with the restaurant owner’s permission;
    2. These will be in the form of discounts and / or special items offered during the meal;

  1. Promotion of and on other blogs and websitesthat are in the food and beverage industry in MyTable’s Facebook page.
    1. Creation of backlinks and partnerships with these websites, this may lead for these same websites to do the same for MyTable;
    2. This is a positive way to create awareness of industry trends and increase awareness of MyTable within the industry.
    3. We want to create a Media buzz around the Facebook page and the Website resulting in further traffic to both;