Executive Summary:

I. MyTable

Business model: They offer the opportunity for customers discover new restaurants to eat according to criteria’s of research. Through the website, the client can make is reservation, look at previous reviews and assess the restaurant. For the restaurants, they give them more visibility and attract customers to help them avoid having empty tables. MyTable implements a booking engine in their partners’ website so that they reduce administrative tasks, receive more reservations via a free system.

II. Competition Analysis

Opentable (US based):
Main leader with nearly 25000 restaurants and provides around 280 M diners served.
Their model is slightly the same as MyTable but they are also offering promotions for the clients and a membership program where the customers earn points after a dinner redeemable in Dining Cheques.
They have a very developed blog, a twitter account and 36 590 people following their facebook page.
Use of facebook page:
  • There are many links with opentable’s blog where there are interviews, articles, polls.
  • Interaction with followers à community management
  • Put ads for work offers
  • News about new restaurants

La Fourchette (French based):
Their business model is the same as Opentable as they offer promotions on the menus from 15 to 50%.
Even though they have 3 686 people following them on facebook they have a dreadful use of this tool.

Itaste (French based):
This website unlike the others is more a community of people giving their opinions the restaurants they went to and sharing it. You cannot make reservations through their website.
They have 4 000 followers on their facebook page on which they are active and have interactivity.

We will enforce a two steps strategy. On the one hand, the Facebook fan page needs an optimization, with contents improvements. On the other hand, we will set up a social campaign to improve MyTable’s notoriety and increase the traffic on its fan page.

III. Social Media Strategy
  1. Facebook Fan Page Optimization

We noticed that the facebook page did not provide good enough contents to create substantial traffic. There are only advertising for restaurants, which can be already found in the website.
The idea is to make the facebook page different from the website.
Facebook is all about sharing and interactivity; we want MyTable page to match with objective.
Thus, we will enforce these points:

  • Have an English Facebook page
  • Create an administrator with a specific identity, so he can be easily recognizable. His role will be to post comments to create traffic. For instance, he will post pictures of restaurants, of the food these restaurants serve, and raise question, to have people interact.
  • The objective of the administrator is to get the fans use to sharing their experiences, through comments, pictures, advices…
  • Post information about every new restaurant MyTable gets. Offer the first people who reserve, a drink, or a meal…
  • Post examples of menu you can find in some restaurants…Post also pictures of the food. The objective is to create desire among the fans.
  • Post interview of famous Chef
  • Post more videos
  • Tag Friends
2. Creation of a social media campaign
It is important to have a better contents quality. Nevertheless, a social media campaign is needed to increase the traffic.

  • Backlinkings. On facebook pages related industries (travel agencies, hostels…), we will post contents promoting our website and our facebook page
  • We need videos to give a strong identity to MyTable. Moreover, it will draw attention on the facebook page.
We want to record real experiences of customers, in some important moments of life (diplomas, wedding, births…). It will show how they used MyTable, how good was the lunch, diner etc.
The videos will be posted on different portals, which are related to the industry.
Conclusion: The idea is to first improve the recognition thanks to the social campaign. Then, it is essential to make the facebook pages contents more attractive to the visitors so they will be more active, liking, posting, sharing…