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Analysis of MyTable competitors’ use of Facebook:
La fourchette.com:
(Approximately 4000 likes)
There is one Facebook page for each city and one for the whole of France (it is a French site).
On the main page: they promote their app and the regional Facebook pages.
On the local pages: they promote offers of the moment (example: -50% on a meal in a certain restaurant in Paris, etc.). These pages have fewer likes than the one for the whole of France.
(Approximately 4000 likes)
They promote the iPhone app: they have an exclusive menu for "iTasters" and a game to win a free coupon, etc.
(Approximately 35000 likes)
This one seems to have the biggest community of food enthusiasts among the reservation websites. They try to create "debates" with their fans (what are you doing tonight, etc.; and a lot of people respond). There are also a few games for wining prizes. OpenTable has the best content, with a lot of variety: many photos and videos of events taking place in restaurants.

The following dimensions were considered when making recommendations:
  1. Quantitative dimension - the number of fans
  2. Engagement dimension - takes into account the actions of Internet users (comments, shares, references to "Like"); and
  3. Size dimension – distribution of content to make the company as visible as possible.
According to comScore, around 16% of Facebook page fans also serve are the trademark for the publication.
Our considered suggestions:

1. The Name
There is another My Table in Italy which has more fans and appears first when you type "My (space) Table". It also appears first in the Facebook list. "MyTable" (typed without a space) does not appear when you Google or Facebook it. We need to optimize for the Google and Facebook search engines in order to ensure that MyTable page is visible enough.

2. A Survey :
Create surveys on Facebook that would engage people and get them talking, e.g. what is favorite food, restaurant, what day do you eat out most often, etc.

3. Joint Venture With Other Page Owners :
Joint Venture is really just a buzz phrase, a marketing term meaning ‘working with other people in your market for a mutual benefit’. Here, MyTable should 'Like' other pages and leave interesting comments about foods, restaurants, etc. on other companies’ Facebook pages.

4. Another Campaign Idea:
Idea presented by an Australian counterpart.

Source: Dimmi.com, 2012

5. Facebook Ads
It was an idea, but as some group members felt negatively about this, it was dismissed. Overall, we decided not to employ any Facebook ads, because some see it as a disturbance and this it might damage our image.
We also looked at outside sources to find possible ways of optimizing MyTable’s Facebook page.

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