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1) Product and company analysis

First, we tried to define the best we can the product: MyTable online reservation restaurant.

MyTable online reservation restaurant is a service which offers:

• To people: a convenient way to find and reserve restaurants throughout Europe.
• To restaurants: an additional tool to attract customers.

To search and reserve restaurants, people have 2 means:

• The website
• The smartphone app

Added values are:

• For dinners:

o A wide choice of restaurants
o A well-organized and convenient searching process
o An easy and fast reservation system
o Relevant tools to choose a restaurant: comments and photos
o The website and the app are in English, French, German and Italian.

• For restaurants:

o An important marketing tool for worldwide communication
o An easy way to get and manage additional paying guests

The company is based in Luzern, Switzerland.
The service has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Youtube channel and an iTunes account.
Nothing tells us what the business model is. A priori two models are possible: to make the restaurants pay to be present in the database and to have a margin on the online reservations.
Anyway there are 2 kinds of communication : BtoB and BtoC.
It seems us very surprising to see both of them on the website (about page).

2) Market Analysis

a. Competitor Analysis


b. Client Analysis

We identified three different customer targets:
  • Wealthy people that are prone to use new technologies (smartphone, social media...) from 25 to 45 years old
  • Tourists looking for trustable and typical restaurants (Guide Michelin...), globetrotters moving through different time zone
  • Business men & women looking for nice restaurants to bring their clients to & do not have time to book restaurants

3) Theoritical considerations

We have seen in class three key concepts we are going to use in our social media campaign:
  • The first reason of leaving of web 2.0 and social media is making the user involved (or feel involved).To make their social media more succesful, companies have interest to include the client by using their comments and feedback, using their words and success stories, using their pictures, creating a member or "we are family" feeling among their clients/audience and their company/product service, giving them the feeling of inclusion even exclusivity.
  • Companies have more interest to play the card of emotions instead of logics in their social media campaign. Indeed, people are attracted by fun and emotions (cf Mr Splashy pants). They are "liking" things that touch them closely or make them laugh.
  • QR codes:

4) Social Media Campaign

After analyzing the company and its market, we think the main goal of this social media campain is to open the fan community of Mytable to people that do not necessarly know the brand by providing easy way to get an access to the facebook fan page and by providing them interactions and contents that can be useful and interesting for them. To do so, three steps are necessary. The first step is to improve the page itself and to adopt online behavior that would facilitate the community to grow. The details of this step are given in the preliminary tasks section. Then, it is important for the company to have two different approaches : a direct approach and an indirect approach. The goal of the direct approach is to increase directly thourgh actions the number of fan of the Facebook fanpage. Then the indirect approach aims at providing contents and interactions which both offer indirect opportunities for the community to grow and offer interactive contents.

a. Preliminary tasks

Fanpage optimization:
• Design ok  just put off unprofessional photos.
• make the first tab when you are not fan a picture encouraging to become a fan.
Daily use of the page:
• Write on the page (links, advices, news…) as far as possible
• Use @... to appear on fan’s page
• Use attractive contents which make people want to click and go further
• Post debating contents to incite people to comment and make the page appear on friend’s page
• Write on other pages with the fanpage account
• Post surprising contents and incite fans to share it
Basic web communication:
• Suggest the fanpage to contacts
• Insert a “like box” on the website, the app, the twitter account, the youtube channel and the email signature
• Like partner (or not) pages and ask them to do the same with yours (or waiting for it)
• Share contents from other pages and ask them to do the same with yours (or waiting for it)
• Import an email contacts file to convert it into friends
• Create employees profiles which link to the fanpage

b. Direct approach

Our direct approach is based on several considerations:
  • taking advantage of the potential offering by mobile applications and social media
  • providing benefits for the company, the restaurants and the final customers
  • having ideas that do not cost a lot of money

We come up with four main ideas:
  • The first one is to use Flash Code linking to the Facebook fanpage on the logo of My Table that is present on the partner restaurant windows. The idea is to take advantage of the fact that using QR code is easier than typing an URL on a smartphone. Moreover, using with a catchy phrase, it can raise the curiosity of the people passing by restaurant where there is the Flash code. The idea is to link these codes to the facebook fanpage of Mytable. Once they are on the page, people can get a promotionnal code (20% discount on the bill) they can use for their next Mytable reservation in the restaurant where the code have been taken in picture. The point is that they can get the code only if they like the fanpage (For the people who already are fan of Mytable, we suggest to register them to a monthly contest whose price is a free dinner in the restaurant of their choice). By this way, it is a good opportunity for the fan community to grow because having the flash code on the partner restaurants offer a good potential in terms of visibility. Indeed, all the people who will pass by the restaurant will notice it and all the people coming to the restaurant without making a reservation with Mytable will also notice it so that it is an oportunity for Mytable to both develop its activities and at the same time increase the fan numbers.

  • The second idea is based on the fact that people rarely go to restaurant alone. They often go there with friends or family that most of the time are part of their facebook network. We think it could be a great idea to include an option in the reservation process that allow the person who make the reservation to indicate the name of the other persons coming to the dinner and their facebook account so that Mytable would post on their wall an invitation for the dinner and also suggesting to them to like the fan page. That way, they will eat in a restaurant that is a partner of Mytable and with someone that made the reservation with Mytable so they will be more likely to like the fanpage and become fans.

  • The third idea is based on a contest concept associated to the fact that one of the most effective way to make people aware of a company is to let people talk about this company to their networl. That is why we decided that each month, MyTable could preselect 10 restaurants that are not partners yet and offer them the opportunity to become a partner for free the first year. Indeed, MyTable charges restaurants for each of the clients that are coming using the online reservation system so we can imagine that for one year, the restaurant will not pay anything for these clients. The idea is to organize a contest between these restaurants, the winner being the restaurant with the highest number of "like". Before voting for their favorite restaurant, people would have to become a fan of MyTable first. That way, MyTable would increase its number of fans, the restaurants would have the opportunity to get new clients and to become part of the MyTable network for free and the Clients would have the opportunity to make reservation for their favourite restaurant and to benefit from advantages (through the first idea for example) with a completely new tool. We think there is also a good potential in terms of fan base increasing because the restaurants will promote themselves towards their clients and ask them to vote for them.

  • Finally, the last idea is to take advantages of the fan community of competitors whose geographical market is not the same as MyTable one's. Indeed, the main market of Urbanspoon is north America and Australia and they benefit from a 60,000 fans community. We think it could be great to build a win-win partnership with Urbanspoon. The idea would be that North American people usually using Urbanspoon and looking for a restaurant in Europe would be oriented to the fanpage of MyTable and the other way around.

c. Indirect approach: animate/ activate the social media of the company

Our campaign to gain Facebook pages would be incomplete if we only try to get people enrolled on our Facebook page. Indeed it is important to promote a page but what is also crucial is to make it lively, to animate it, to make it interesting. This will help to have even more people liking the page (through word-of-mouth for instance and also the share of interesting links found on the page) and it will avoid people to unsubscribe because they think the page is of no interest or is boring.
Therefore it is essential to give a real added value to our Facebook page in order that our readers found interests in it and join or share the content with friends.

Currently the Facebook page of Mytable is not very active and not very interesting and interactive with the users/ readers / customers, particularly compare to its competitors. For instance iTaste got an interesting and very active Facebook page.

Thus we suggest some recommendations and ideas to Mytable. It should

• upload more videos and images (for instance, videos of a chief or owners of the restaurants)
• create debates, ask questions (though survey or polls), ask the opinion of the readers about topics linked to food, restaurants, drinks
• offer some tips to its readers (e.g. every week a chief of a restaurant give a tip to people who cook) & it can also upload regularly nice recipes.
• upload more articles (about topics link to food, as well as article talking about the company)
• ask feedback from consumers about some restaurants
• use particular days/ period of time (for example Eastern) to reveal some information about topics like chocolate at Eastern.
• Organize taging contest so that people can tag their friends on restaurant and food pictures they might appreciate (picture will appear on their wall friend and be seen by their friends.)

In addition, we suggest to Mytable to better use Twitter. As we saw in class, Twitter can be very well used and gain popularity over years especially for businesses. Currently Mytable has an account but it is completely unused. Thus we suggest to the company to animate this account. In addition the company should link its Twitter account to its Facebook page in order that followers on Twitter can look at exclusives information which are on the Facebook fan page.

Finally, Mytable should try not to reveal all its information, pictures, videos on its corporate website but keep some exclusive information / post only for the Facebook page. A link or mention can be found on the corporate website to foster the user to go on the Facebook page. (e.g. for more information, please check our Facebook page)