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Group work on social media - Group

Product: MyTable online restaurant reservation ( and app I-Phone/Android)
Fan page:

Our objective is to increase the community of MyTable’s fan page on Facebook.
After a first discussion, we noticed that their main problems were:
- A lack of interaction with the existing community (less interaction – less visibility)
- No reward/benefit for those who are “liking” the page
In order to increase that community, we were asked to establish a relevant social media campaign with a budget approximating 5000 CHF (around 4100€).

La Fourchette
Referencing on SEO

Community on Facebook
235 255 likes
Youtube Videos

Main competitor:

But they don’t have any fan page on facebook

How to improve the visibility of the fan page?
First, MyTable has to improve the ergonomics of their existing social media applications
  • Improve the visibility of the “like button” on their websites
  • Add a “like button” on their I-phone/android application
How to interact more with the existing community and make them participate?

As they are already doing, they have to keep on posting things on their fanpage (videos, facts, any other activities).
To make the page more interactive and indulge the users into the page, the moderators have to enhance the activities on the facebook page so that the users are always busy in doing something to win a contest.
Then, by asking questions (e.g. polls), they could encourage their fans to participate.
Such as which is the favorite drink and what is the best alcoholic beverage that they would like to have and so on.

How to attract people and reward them? What benefit could we offer them?

We would like to organize games to attract people and to create a buzz around our contests.
IDEAS -> Goodies / Gifts / Discounts / Invite your friend/ Fan of the months.

We can organize competitions like-:
  • Contest of the season.
    • Each season: One craziest contest !!! The first one: The craziest chef !!! The picture which has the most like will win a IPAD
To like a friend’s picture you have first to click on the like of the Fan Page.
  • Where Is Charlie?
    • Where is Charlie? -> Every Month -> The first fan who will find and write the name of the restaurant will win a free restaurant for 2 people.

  • Fan of the month : criteria
- Comments on the posts
- Like a recent wall post
- Post interesting stuff on the page’s wall
Blogger - find people who like food, recipes’, restaurant.
We can also imply the use of QR codes into this with some implementations. MyTable gives or puts a QR code somewhere on the main entrance of the every restaurant which is listed with us. Then the customer visits the restaurant scans the QR code and uploads the picture on the facebook page. As soon as he uploads the scanned image, the gift coupon of that particular restaurant gets delivered to him from us at that moment of time.
Switzerland only - MY TABLE.
3- 4 ideas -
- > WINTER - Win coupon for raclette restaurant….
- Page facebook to be more referenced in the internet in the ranking
I like the page - more you will attract the people.
A tourist – he makes a reservation on that date, and he will get a free chocolate, Swiss knife… particular tour etc.
  1. Create a first one - to win something - like the picture but before they have to like the page of MYTABLE/
  2. The craziest cook/chef The one who have the most like win
We can put the FACEBOOK on the site web next to CONTACT - it will permit people to see it directly and because they have a good ranking in Google PAGE.
Put « Contest to win like on FACEBOOK »
WEBMASTER - to participate you have to like the page - permit people to add directly
- All The time give other promotion
- The restaurant signs up with mytable and gives coupons to mytable to distribute to the customers who sign up using it; in turn mytable gives out loyalty points and goodies or coupons to the person who reserve through it.
  1. Contests : IDEAS OF CONTEST : Permit the facebook page to have more LIKE J
  2. A contest when the most you invite people the more chance you have to win… or publish…. (IPAD)
  3. One craziest chef!!! The picture which has the most like will win (Ex - with a cook which is known / costume…)
  4. Season Contest: One contest for each season.
  5. To stay active :
i. Where is the CHEF?!! The one who respond well will win
ii. A picture of a restaurant which is in the MYTABLE website!! and after the one who give the answer first will win 2 places for the restaurant
  1. Design of the Website
    1. Join facebook to have more promotion
    2. VIDEO - To put a interactive LIKE at the end of the VIDEO
    3. Application I phone. - JOIN FACEBOOK - LIKE FACEBOOK
  2. Web mastering of the facebook page.
    1. To keep fans on the Facebook Page - Convertir les fans du challenge en vrai fan de la page et du site MYTABLE - questions about their feelings, what they like. What You would like to Win ?
    2. Permit the restaurants to know what consumers are looking for.